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As a site user - store4family any person who declares that they have read and accepted the Terms. The terms of use set out on this page apply to all use of this site, the use of the site, the website “store4family”. Also in the service offered, and in the content of the site and believe that you agree to the terms and conditions. The conditions apply and apply equally to a female and a male, so they should be reviewed and studied in depth. We note that only the terms set forth will represent the site's commitment to users. The user undertakes not to make any claims or claims on his or her behalf, any claim or claim against the owner of this site, its operators or its founders. Although the terms of use of the site may change, in the sole decision of this site owner or owner.
The scripture was presented in a male language but addressed to both genders. Have user terms on the store4family website on the web

1- No Website (the site - store4family, including its operators, managers, employees and affiliates below: the “Site”) is responsible and / or guarantor of and / or criminal and / or third-party infringement from which the Products and / or Services are purchased through the Site or conduct standardization

2 - Any dispute that arises between the Site and a User of the Site, including in connection with these Terms of Use, shall be brought before the competent court.

3 - The intellectual property and copyright in the content of the site itself and the services offered therein belong only to the publisher or third party, which has an agreement between them and the site owner to use. No person is authorized or authorized to transfer, modify, process, copy, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the above distribution, display publicly without the knowledge and consent of the publisher at any time. ,
4 - This Agreement and this Agreement apply only to the laws of the State of Israel, but the rules of international law within them shall not apply.

5- on the Site, any user confirms unlawful status or activities that do not, under the terms of use, compensate the site, its owners against any claim and / or claim, including expenses and attorneys' fees, arising out of or related to unlawful activity and not subject to its terms and conditions.

6- All serves to understand and acknowledge that the user's responsibility for the operations and use of the site is solely for his or her own sake. Any loss or damage that may result from the failure of this site will be solely the responsibility and responsibility of the user.

7- In the relationship between the user and the website it is agreed that the user is solely responsible for any communication with the sales sites. The user of the site will not have any claim and / or claim and / or requirement regarding any product and / or service purchased from the sales sites against and the site.

The 8 site is not liable for damages for losses incurred by website users for purchasing products and / or services from sales sites and due to use of the site.
9 - The Site will not be held responsible for the products and / or services provided by the user by third parties.
10-. The user will calculate shipping payments, levies and taxes as required for his transactions.

3. Website Policy on Shipping, Product Returns and Order Cancellation:

3.1. The site is a link between online commerce and sales sites and various buyers and its role is to make the products accessible to consumers only. Consequently, costs and shipping times, cancellation policy and product return - are subject to the terms of use of the sales site, that is, the user-third party relationship in which the transactions are carried out.
3.2. Therefore, the user must examine, carefully and diligently, before purchasing a product or service the policy of the sales sites from which the order is placed, and the site No Shall be held responsible for these matters.

The “store4family” website is used to link users to product sales sites only, between online trading and sales sites (above and below: “sales sites”, “third parties”) and buyers / users.
1.2. Any user of a site that purchases any product and / or service from the sales sites through the “store4family” site will also be subject to the terms of use of the sales sites.
1.3. Use of the Website and Execution of Orders constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use with third parties as set forth on their various websites. If the user fails to find the terms of use with the third parties, he must contact the third parties in writing and clarify the terms.
1.4. The Website is intended for use only from 18 years of age, and the user declares his use, which is in respect of, above 18 age, and is eligible for transactions under any law.
1.6. The Website may, in its sole discretion, delete and / or suspend and / or cancel and / or completely discontinue any use of the Site without notice.
1.8. In the event of a malfunction when placing the order which is due to third parties, the sales sites, and any malfunctions related to the storage of the website's databases, internet supply companies, internet infrastructures, clearing companies, etc., no cause will be raised against a site and the user agrees that he gives up remedies for compensation. The site. The user of the site hereby acknowledges that he knows that there may be faults as stated above.
1.9. Registering your information on the Website constitutes your consent to receive various publications and messages by email.
1.10. The user declares and warrants that we agree that his personal details, including his email address, will be provided to the sales sites.
1.11. In order to tailor the service to the customer and to maximize the quality and experience of using the site and to access the user-relevant purchase options, this site uses cookies. You can prevent cookies from being used by changing the settings in your web browser.
1.12. The Site may change its appearance and content, services and scope, from time to time and unilaterally. And may charge for such or other content and services, all without having to notify you in advance. These changes may involve "malfunctions" and the user will not have any claim, claim and / or claim against the Site and / or its owners and / or operators for the aforementioned changes and / or malfunctions that occur as a result of their execution. And the user declares that it is agreed between him and the site that the period of limitation between the parties will be the minimum period permitted by any law. Israeli law and local authority will be vested in the Tel Aviv court on the relationship between the site and the user.
1.13. Site owners may close the site or stop all or part of the site's activities at any time and delete the site without saving any backup and without giving any prior notice of the site's closure.

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