Games for toddlers

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Games for toddlers

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8 ideas for baby games or games for toddlers

In the first few weeks you are still ahead of the stage where baby toys should be organized. You do not need baby games at all, games for toddlers do exist of course but you still mostly enjoy looking at the newborn while he is asleep .. but soon he becomes awake and more interested in the world around him.

Baby games for connecting the mother with the newborn

Babies need attention from the environment and the parent in particular. Here are some ideas for fun experiences and how to gradually get started with toddler / baby games.

1. Preschool games naturally - splash

Water has such a calming effect, especially on babies - feel free to take advantage of it anytime. Take a bath for your baby as an experience. Water is one of the best ideas for playing with babies. You use your hands, sponges and funnels to splash water on the various parts of his body. When your baby can sit, you can make baby games with the water, for example laying a nylon on the floor to put a shallow water pan with lots of cups, sponges, spoons and see how the babies play with themselves. . (Even with small amounts of water, it's important to never leave your baby unattended during a water game - not even for a second

Baby games are recommended

2. Games for one year - shake, fidget and roll

Fill empty water bottles with interesting things - rice, buttons, jelly, water mixed with liquid soap, food coloring or oil. Games for a year old, games for a year and a half, sometimes our stimuli are overloaded here we can interest the baby in baby games that will not burden their age. This is one of the games for little ones that does not disappoint. They would love to chase the bottle full of colored water, or any other material, and watch as it rolls to the floor. If the intended age is games for one year, games for one and a half years, they can also roll the bottle themselves and try to catch it. While undercover work on motoring.

3. Just before baby toys - some time outside

Sometimes it may seem like a lot of effort just to get outside, but don't underestimate the positive impact of some fresh air on your baby. "When you get out of the house, you naturally calm down and stop thinking about all the work that needs to be done, so you'll be more attentive to your baby," Blacksell says. You can start by taking your baby out of the stroller, pulling a leaf out of the tree and letting it feel it. Place your hand on the tree trunk and if the area is clean you can put it on the grass and let it feel the environment. Sensing the nature around them gives infants an understanding of what materials their world is made through touch rather than just through what they see. Of course it is possible to combine entertainment with baby games and even games for toddlers or baby toys, which is relevant to his / her age, but the magic is the combination.

Storage games for toddlers

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4. Baby games with a physio ball

Your big gymnast should not collect dust until you get back to fitness. Use the ball for all the stages of your baby's development for him - it's a soft, bouncy place and you'll also have fun sitting while you and your baby are playing. Suitable for one year old games, baby games and toddler games depending on the abilities, the mother and you will feel the baby. For example, you can hold the baby securely on the ball with your two hands and roll it very slightly in different directions. It's a great feeling for him and a good way to give your baby confidence while moving through baby games and once your baby starts to move alone, he'll enjoy pushing this huge ball to the floor and chasing it.

5. Classic baby games

Cover your face with your hands, and then let go with a passionate “ponytail!”, Recognized as an opener for play games. Babies like to be surprised when they learn that things they can't see still exist, you can upgrade your baby games by bending down out of sight and reappearing with a hat on their head, or a funny face. Cover your baby toys with a blanket and ask your baby, “Where did they go? “. In addition, the curious will admire early hiding games, and the fact that you leave unexpected places at home.

6. Baby games while feeding

Once your baby can sit comfortably in his high chair, try to put his safe and edible ingredients on his tray (not that he should eat them, but if he decides to put them in his mouth, that's fine!). Let the baby explore his fingers in different textures, let him play with ingredients from your closet, or just put dots of thick pudding or jelly on the tray, the babies play and enjoy putting their hands together and making a mess. And so we knew baby games - homemade.

7. Baby games combined with music

Who says babies only need lullabies and Mozart? Phases of singing and rhythmic dancing as well. Preschool games, toddler games or baby games that include music directly affect their mood. "Different types of music stimulate different parts of the brain," Playing toddlers in this style can help your baby develop language and social skills. Besides, it's fun! You can combine rattle, drum, or anything musical so they can also take active roles.

8. Toddler games with pillows and blankets

Fun starts at a young age! Put a big blanket on a table and sit underneath with your little baby on your knees Changing the angle gives a new perspective on the world. It's customary to think that a tent, a fortress, etc ... are more games for a year and a half and up but there is no reason. It is also difficult for babies to sit constantly and be in the same places. Change and place it in different positions on the abdomen, upright in your arms, knees, shoulder, etc. As the child grows, let him crawl on piles of pillows, and create paths and tunnels with couch cushions, this game turned out to be one of the favorite baby games.

Play games with your baby

There are lots of fun games to play with your baby so show him that you are impressed, the baby reaches for the toy you hold slightly above. He swings his fists, grabs it and - cheers! He makes contact. Of course, pamper him with praise. One of the pluses of playing with your baby is the ability to encourage, and new research shows that your enthusiasm does more than just bring a smile to your face, but actually helps to create positive relationships in the brain for future relationships and for learning and internalization.

While it's not baby toys, it's equally important

Talk about your day, give your child time to respond or mimic your movement, sound, expression and contact back. By doing so, you create a sense of meaningful partnership.

When to take a break

You want to inspire the baby with baby games to propel his engines, but be careful not to overwhelm him. It is thus important to identify the clues and if the baby is not keen on the existing game you can replace it. It is good to have all kinds of baby toys at home and to have a variety of baby games to allow the baby to choose what intrigues him at the same time. When buying baby games, pay attention to what the game provides at the sensory or developmental level. Almost all preschool games have a promotional or relaxing element so lots of success!

* The article has been translated from the site Toddlers

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