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You must be very curious about who we are and what we do here? Why buy our way? Many questions come to your mind. We're here to help you understand! store4family is a company that collaborates with big companies like AliExpress. And is expanding into more partners in the future.

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How to purchase a product?

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In order to purchase a product

Buy Now button and the site will contact the chosen product to make the purchase of Bali Express as usual The products on the site are good and quality products Every product is carefully tested without shipping fees arrive from one month to two months, there are products that arrive after two weeks, the product will arrive near the place of residence by address That enter when you place your order. On our site all original brands,

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Products on site from Authorized Shops at Bali Express

And trustworthy sellers you can contact the seller with any questions, we really care about licensed stores and there is consumer protection which means the money does not come directly to the seller but to Eli Express website and they pass the payment to the seller to protect the consumer up to the purchase every time the product is approved Of two weeks in which you are protected under consumer protection time and therefore upon receipt of the product the product that works is not damaged should be checked

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Be impressed with the product if the product is correct

Confirm receipt of the product in case the product is not properly resolved If the dispute is closed in your favor there will be a refund to the bank account within a period of 3 to 15 business days The seller may offer you an alternative offer which you will receive or reject your dispute if you fail to approve your website Disputes are accepted with understanding and a solution is found to benefit the customer.

We hope you enjoy our sites

We provide you with a website in a variety of languages ​​that concentrates all the most desirable products, hits, quality and cheap on one site. We make sure you no longer have to search and research within all the English websites that complicate you. And save you time and money. We make sure that all the products on the site will be famous suppliers with quality products and also cheap! Yes it is possible.. Look for us On instagram | search us on Facebook
We hope you enjoy our sites as much as possible and are available to answer anytime at store4family@mall-online.com or through a form Making contact

Welcome to the store4family team

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